Global Reach of The Tong Law Firm

The Tong Law Firm’s global presence is a testament to our commitment to forging international relationships and delivering expert legal services across continents. We understand the significance of local nuances in a globalized world, and our expansive network is tailored to navigate the complexities of each distinct legal landscape.


United States

The Tong Law Firm is deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of American regions, understanding that each presents unique legal challenges and opportunities. With a strong presence in key cities, we offer tailored legal strategies that reflect the economic and cultural diversity of the U.S.

Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

In the bustling corridors of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, The Tong Law Firm addresses the legal needs of some of the world’s most dynamic markets, from finance to technology.

Midwest & Great Lakes

The heartland’s manufacturing, agriculture, and emerging industries benefit from our pragmatic and forward-thinking legal solutions, as we help clients navigate the Midwest’s revitalized economic landscape.

South & Southeast

Our firm embraces the South and Southeast’s rich heritage and booming economic sectors, providing legal guidance that supports growth and innovation in these vibrant regions.

West & Southwest

In the West and Southwest, we’re at the forefront of advising technology giants, startups, and creative industries, offering legal insights that drive progress and protect interests in an ever-evolving market.



The Tong Law Firm appreciates Europe’s intricate tapestry of jurisdictions and languages, offering clients a strategic edge in one of the world’s principal centers of commerce and law.

Northern Europe

Our expertise in Northern Europe is characterized by a deep understanding of the region’s innovative business climate and strong regulatory frameworks.

Western Europe

In Western Europe, we navigate the complexities of the EU’s legal systems, providing our clients with the acumen to succeed in a diverse and progressive market.

Central Europe

Central Europe’s mix of established economies and emerging markets is an area where The Tong Law Firm’s collaborative approach to legal challenges thrives.

Southern Europe

Our presence in Southern Europe is marked by a sensitivity to local business practices and legal landscapes, ensuring tailored strategies for success.

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, we offer guidance through transitional economies and rapidly evolving legal regimes, helping clients capitalize on new opportunities.


In the Middle East, The Tong Law Firm skillfully bridges the gap between western business practices and local legal customs, fostering successful international partnerships.

Middle East

In the Middle East, The Tong Law Firm skillfully bridges the gap between western business practices and local legal customs, fostering successful international partnerships.



In the heart of Asia’s dynamic economies, The Tong Law Firm stands as a pillar of legal expertise, navigating the intricate tapestry of legal systems from the bustling markets of Southeast Asia to the financial powerhouses of East Asia. Our firm understands the delicate balance between respecting age-old business traditions and embracing the cutting-edge innovations that drive the region forward.


Latin America

Understanding the vibrant and diverse economies of Latin America, The Tong Law Firm provides strategic legal solutions across the continent.



Our firm’s Canadian presence is characterized by an understanding of both the common and civil law systems, offering comprehensive legal services across this diverse legal landscape.


The Tong Law Firm’s global footprint allows us to serve clients with precision and care, no matter where their legal needs arise. We are dedicated to your success across borders, jurisdictions, and legal systems.

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